Get Dofollow Crypto Backlinks On High Authority Sites 2019

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List of Dofollow Crypto Links

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Link building is often costly and time consuming, but there are few ways to gain legitimate, whitehat backlinks without manual outreach.

Here are two straightforward ways:

1. Make Your Reddit Links Dofollow

Reddit links are usually nofollow, but there’s a trick you can do to make it dofollow:

The way Reddit works is that once a post reaches a certain threshold of upvotes, the link becomes dofollow. So you want to get as many upvotes as possible, and the easiest way to do that is by paying for upvotes.

Unfortunately, the exact amount is unknown and changes depending on the subreddit size, so you will have to experiment a bit.

Reddit has the following metrics:

DA 98, DR 95.

The link won’t be coming from the homepage, but it still passes a respectable amount of link juice. The PAGE authority is 20-70 depending on the subreddit.

To ensure you have the most success on Reddit:

  • Make sure you post high quality content quality, because people can down vote your post and it will never see the light of day. You’ll have a better chance of winning the Reddit crowd with a better designed website.
  • Follow the rules of the subreddit to ensure your post doesn’t get removed — VERY IMPORTANT.
  • Don’t get too many upvotes unless your content is superb quality, because it will be obvious you paid for upvotes. Check the top posts on that particular sub-reddit and check how many upvotes that post got.

Another way to get a dofollow backlink from Reddit is by creating your own subreddit/community. On the sidebar, place a link to your website. It will be dofollow on both the old and new versions of Reddit.

Fill out the other areas of the subreddit such as the description, the rules and helpful links. The more you write, the more contextual and less spammy the link will be.

This isn’t as powerful as the first method, but I still do both methods for all my clients. These links are extremely easy to create so there’s no reason not to do it.

2. Get Dofollow Steemit Links

Steemit is like Reddit, except upvotes give you money and votes are weighted differently from each member.

On Steemit, once a post reaches about $10, the link will become dofollow.

So just like Reddit, buy upvotes. There’s plenty of accounts dedicated to this including @randowhale and @booster

Steemit has a DA of 84 and the subsections tend to have a PA of 40+ so it’s a great link to have and especially relevant for the crypto/blockchain niche.

Don’t have time to build links? Hit us up at and we’ll be happy to help.

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