How To Get Links From Crypto Publications

If you aren’t building backlinks, you aren’t doing SEO.
Links play the most important factor in SEO, but getting them isn’t easy. I’d say it’s the most difficult and time consuming aspect of SEO.

What type of links should you be aiming for? How do you get them? What anchor text ratio should you use?

There’s plenty of content creators and technical SEOers, but rarely can you find a good link builder.

Our recommendation is that you focus on building backlinks from two ways: Guest posting and PR. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the link building strategies out there, especially if you’re a beginner. Just focus on mastering these two.

How to do PR:

  1. Head over to
  2. Type in words related to your product/service e.g. crypto exchange, ICO, security tokens
  3. Read through the news articles and come up with a story about how your startup relates to the news… How your startup plans on fixing current issues. FOR EXAMPLE: If your startup offers security services, find a story about how a crypto exchange got hacked. Then brainstorm ideas on how you’ll pitch to journalists by weaving your startup into the story. This is the most reliable way to get press.
  4. Find relevant journalists who write about this stuff and write personalized pitches to them.

How to use HARO:

Another way to obtain press is through a website called HARO (Help a Reporter Out).

HARO allows you to provide quotes to journalists in exchange for press. For instance, a journalist may ask “What is the future of stablecoins?” and you’ll provide some commentary.

If your answer gets selected, you’ll get quoted in their article with a link to your website. Here’s what it looks like:

John Smith, founder of states that “<insert quote>.”

The great thing about HARO is that this method isn’t as time consuming. You’ll be spending a maximum of an hour each day writing pitches.

  • Make sure your pitches are short and succinct.
  • Reply to the journalist’s queries within an hour. That’s your best chance of getting selected.
  • Delete fluff words such as “that, very, just” and use condensed words.
  • Answer with specific details. Include concrete examples.

How to do Guest Posting

Publications receive dozens of requests for guest posting every day. If you’re going to ask to become a guest writer, make sure your English is spot on and you’ve got great ideas to pitch.

How to improve your chances:

  1. Build your portfolio by writing for smaller sites first. That way, in the outreach email, you can show them your writing samples.
  2. Buy some Twitter followers. No, not fake ones. Buy Twitter ad space and pay per follower. This will cost around $0.40 per follower. Invest a few hundred dollars into this and try to get at least a thousand followers.
  3. Use JARVEE to auto-follow other crypto users to increase your follower count even further. Expect a 20-30% follow back ratio, so if you follow 1000 people, you’ll get 200-300 in return.
  4. Next, leverage your social profile by showing them you have a large following and that you’re offering to share their post on social media.

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