Brand New Crypto Publication

The Challenge

We were tasked with bringing traffic to a brand new crypto publication. There are already hundreds of other publications out there, so “simply doing SEO” isn’t going to cut it.

We had to get creative.

The Solution

We crafted a strategy that revolved around finding and targeting low competition keywords that no-one else was targeting.

These keywords have very little traffic volume (usually 10-100 monthly visitors), but over time they will add up.

First, we optimized the on-page by deleting duplicate pages and pages with thin content. Next, we launched our signature link building campaign:

  • Wrote guest posts on medium publications such as HackerNoon, and included a link to the site.
  • Obtained press from other crypto publications through hard pitching
  • Built a dofollow link on Reddit. Reddit only allows dofollow links after a post gets enough upvotes, so we made sure to post something of high value and paid for some upvotes.
  • Created a wikipedia page for the publication
  • Built a few homepage links on blockchain startups by offering them press

All of this was done to improve the root authority of the domain, so the blog posts will rank higher.

The Results

Since the keywords we were targeting had zero competition, the client instantly got the top 3 position for those keywords after posting an article.

Zero link building was done on the article. We just advised them on some on-page optimizations, but most the link building was done on the homepage.

By pushing out enough SEO optimized articles, they went from nearly zero traffic to peaking at 1506 users in one day.