Crypto Exchange

The Challenge

Our client is a reputable crypto exchange in Australia. They already have a lot of the market share in Australia, but wanted to push for page one rankings on Google for ultra competitive terms such as ‘bitcoin exchange’ and ‘bitcoin exchange Australia.’

Obviously, this was no easy task and we made no guarantees.

The Solution

What do you do for a site that already has thousands of powerful backlinks and pretty good on-page SEO, but isn’t ranking page one?

You build even more links. Links they don’t have. We replicated the links from the number #1 site and added some more of our own.

Firstly, we made minor on-page SEO changes:

  • Write and experiment with meta titles and descriptions to maximize click-through rates.
  • Optimized for Rank Brain UX signals
  • Updated some pages with thin content

For link building, after analyzing one of our top ranking competitors, we noticed two things:

  • Our client already had many links from tier-one publications (CoinDesk, CoinTelegraph, Bitcoinist) but they were pointing to an inner page press release rather than the homepage.
  • Our competitor had more powerful homepage backlinks and sitewide links

So we implemented these links right away and were able to push the site from page two to page one on Google.