Link Building

PR & Guest Posting

Our agency is renowned for having the best link building services in the industry. We’ve secured our clients links from over 50+ major crypto publications without paying a dime for sponsored posts or press releases. Think CoinTelegraph, CCN and EthereumWorldNews.

Our cost-effective link building strategy is achieved through long-term relationship building, pitching and guest posting.

Link Imitation

We’ll research and analyze how your competitors are ranking by looking through their backlink profile and imitating their top links. This way, your website will always be one step ahead of the competition.

Add in extra good content, on-page optimization, and Google can not resist putting your website in first place.

Homepage Links

Homepage links are very powerful and part of any natural backlink profile. We always build homepage links along with our PR and guest posting links. These links are achieved by reaching out to FinTech startups & webmasters to form long term relationships with them – something that can be great for your company.

Keyword Research and Content Strategy

Keyword Research

The first thing we do for every campaign is perform a keyword analysis. Not doing so is like charging blindly into battle – unknowing of your opponent’s capabilities. You’d risk losing a battle where you’re outgunned. We carefully select keywords that we know you can rank with certainty.

Careful keyword consideration is the first step in a successful SEO campaign. Target high competition keywords and dozens of low competition keywords that require no backlinks to rank. Our team uses a special method to find low hanging fruit.

All this depends on the project and budget. We’ll provide guidance on which keywords you should target.

Writing and Editing

Our team consists of the best writers in the crypto industry: writers who’ve written for CoinTelegraph, Bitcoinist, CCN, CryptoBriefing and more.

We understand how important top-quality content is nowadays and we don’t cut corners when it comes to writing. But even that’s not enough nowadays… We also need to satisfy user intent.

Optimizing For User Intent

When a user goes on Google, performs a search and clicks on a website – Google can detect whether they are satisfied with the result or not.

And hence, great content and great backlinks aren’t a guarantee for success anymore. We need to understand user intent and optimize for it. We need to focus on improving UX signals such as click-through-rates, dwell time and minimizing bounce rates.

This is what our team of copy-editors are here for.

Engagement Services

With the competition in today’s digital landscape, simply creating great content is not enough. Successful companies earn and retain the attention of their customers. We inspire action and drive results with our goal-driven campaigns.

Social Media Strategy

Lead Generation

Analytics and Metrics